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How to Prepare for your Boudoir Session

June 28, 2024
Haley Kammerzelt

The Dirty on Boudoir Sessions, and How to Prepare for Them

How to Prepare for your Boudoir Photoshoot

Today I’m giving you the dirty on my boudoir session, and how to prepare for them!

As a well-seasoned boudoir photographer with a gorgeous studio located in Plymouth, WI, I am here to share my experience on the dirty talk about boudoir sessions, and the nitty-gritty details that you’re seeking. 

Boudoir sessions are where my soul is at, so anyone looking for more information has my full heart when it comes to preparing for the best session of your life!

What is a Boudoir Session? 

Above all, it can be whatever you make it! It can be sexy, steamy, sensual, or even fun, flirty, and playful. It’s a moment that you give to yourself to feel empowered, strong, and beautiful. 

A boudoir session is typically an intimate and personalized photo shoot featuring a real human in a private setting, for example, my studio! 

The Purpose: Boudoir sessions aim to capture the subject’s beauty, confidence, and personality. The images are often used as gifts for a partner or as a way for individuals to celebrate and embrace their own bodies and self-image as a result. 

It’s not porn, it’s not weird, and anyone can do it!

Plymouth, WI Boudoir Session

What Should I Wear?

Depending on your photographer’s standards, you should be able to wear whatever the hell you want for your boudoir session! My motto is wear what you want to feel, as long as your outfits embody you. Equally important, leave any outfits you’re not 100% sure on at home.

My favorite places to shop are

How should I prepare my body? 

First off, you don’t have to love your body for your boudoir session at the present time. It does help, but it’s not a requirement and you shouldn’t have to wait to hit some standard or goal in your mind when it comes to appearance for your boudoir session. Have an open mind, and leave negative self-talk at the front door. 

As for how to actually prepare, stretch, stretch, stretch! Do yoga to prepare for all the hot movements we’re going to do, and drink lots of water! Another key point is to avoid self-tanners (they may make you look orange in your photos!) and avoid any harsh tanning/sunburn risk to avoid lines. 

That’s it, baby!

Plymouth, WI Boudoir Session

Why do a boudoir session with me?

As I have noted, I’m a well-seasoned boudoir photographer with a badass studio. I have had clients travel from all corners of the country to come see me for a reason, and that is because I’m a real human celebrating real humans. My goal is to empower you, and make you feel like the work of art that you are. 

I can assure you, if you choose to do a boudoir session with me, we will absolutely rock it by all means. 

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