Milwaukee Boudoir Confidence Boosting Session

April 19, 2024
Haley Kammerzelt

Confidence Boosting Session with Liz

Why one session just isn’t enough

This was Liz’s second Milwaukee boudoir confidence boosting session with me. She always brings such a fun, energetic, open mindedness to her sessions and is down for anything. Her energy is so great to be around and photograph! 

When booking a boudoir session, a lot of clients are under the mindset that this will be a “one time thing”, or a YOLO moment. I want everyone out there to know that the more the better, because each time you do a session, the more confident you get in knowing what to expect! Don’t limit yourself to that “once in a lifetime” mindset!

The self-confidence vibes

This girly’s energy just exploded from the second we got going. We worked with multiple outfits, including some bomb-ass jeans she rocked, a crop top, and a couple of black strappy/lacy sets.

For this confidence boosting session, I just HAD to focus on her gorgeous face and expressions!

Raining Confidence 

Rain room boudoir photography is one of my faves! I designed this rain room specifically for my studio and even built it myself! it’s the perfect addition for confidence sessions, AKA boudoir sessions!

If you’re considering using the rain room for your session, my advice is DO IT. You won’t regret it! As can be seen, it creates the juiciest photos and gives everyone that boost of confidence!

Looking for a Milwaukee Boudoir Confidence Boosting Session?

Looking for a Milwaukee Boudoir Photographer? I’m your girl. My studio located in Plymouth, WI is so close to Milwaukee, and I see clients from all over the country. I’d love to see you next, and then again – because one session just isn’t enough!

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